MOTORCORTEX is a collection of Libraries and Web-based Engineering Tools that allow OEM’s to create better control systems for their machines. MOTORCORTEX is Industry 4.0 from the ground up, far surpassing the performance and flexibility of current Industrial Automation systems. It has open (but secure) access to all machine data at high speeds, has native web-browser support, is extremely scalable, and allows for distributed control systems (e.g. swarms of robots). Although MOTORCORTEX is mainly intended for industrial applications (machine automation and robotics), it also finds application in aerospace, automotive, agriculture, medical devices, (smart) toys, smart camera’s, home automation and entertainment.

MOTORCORTEX.IO is the first Cloud-Based, Low-Code, Industrial Control System Development and Management Suite for Developing, Deploying and Managing Industrial Control Systems MOTORCORTEX consists of:
• A set of Core Libraries that are the building blocks for a MOTORCORTEX-based control system
• A Web-Portal with Development and Data-Analysis Tools (
• This Documentation site (
• A number of Turn-Key Applications for generic machines, like industrial robots/cobots and flight simulator motion systems

MOTORCORTEX is an Enabling Technology, allowing businesses to build solutions on top of a MOTORCORTEX-controlled machine, like Predictive Maintenance, Realtime OEE calculation, Production Performance Optimization, Automatic Machine Testing, etc.