Settings Tab Explained

In the settings tab the user can parameterize and configure each axis. In this section you will learn how to configure your motor in the settings tab.

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Drive [1]

Under Drive you can enable or disable axes using the enable switch. If an axis is enabled it can be controlled from the Home tab. If an axis is disabled it will not be switched on and cannot be used. If axes are enabled but not physically present or not configured properly an error will be triggered.

Encoder [2]

under Encoder you can set the encoder values for each axis.

  • Input is the current encoder value in ticks.
  • Ticks per rev is the encoder resolution in ticks per revolution.
  • Gain num is the numerator and Gain den is the denominator if the Gain. The Ticks per rev are multiplied by the gain to result in the Encoder angle.
  • Encoder Angle the current encoder angle displayed in radians and degrees.

Gearbox [3]

Under Gearbox the parameters of the gearbox can be configured and the reference position can be set.

  • n Motorside gear reduction on the motorside.
  • n Loadside gear reduction on the loadside. The total gear ratio is then n_Motorside/n_Loadside.
  • reference is the reference position of the axis. When the Reference button is clicked, the offset value of the axis is automatically adjusted such that the Axis current position is equal to the value entered under reference.
  • Offset is the encoder offset in ticks. This value is calculated automatically when the axis is referenced.

Motor Torque [4]

Under the Motor Torque heading the Torque conversion can be configured.

  • Input is the current torque value in ticks. Usually this is a percentage value of the nominal motor torque.
  • Gain num is the numerator and Gain den is the denominator if the Gain. The input motor torque value (in ticks) is multiplied by the gain to result in the Torque.
  • Torque value in Nm. (You may also configure it to represent a Force in N, which is convenient for linear axes.)

PVA Limiters [5]

PVA limiters enables the user to turn on and off, set Position, Velocity and Acceleration limits to each axis individually.

  • enable, enables or disables the PVA limiter per axis.
  • Input, InputDot and InputDDot are respectively the actual position, velocity and acceleration of the load-side.
  • LowerLimit and UpperLimit are position lower and upper limits. The LED turns on if one of the position limits is reached.
  • Max Velocity is maximum velocity limit. The LED turns on if the velocity limit is reached.
  • Max Accel. is the maximum acceleration limit. The LED turns on if the acceleration limit is reached.

Save Settings [6]

Each time that changes are made to the setting tab, the adjusted values can be saved to the control parameters file on the controller by pressing Save Settings.