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This chapter will explain how to install mcx-python. please select the operating system you are u using:

Linux Linux Windows Windows Macos MacOS

Installing Motorcortex-Python for Windows

Installing Python 3.7 or lower

  1. Download Python 3 from the python website: https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/. Choose the appropriate installer for your system. Make sure you choose Python 3.7.

  2. Launch the installer and choose Customize installation.

  1. All options are selected by default (documentation and test suite are actually optional).

  1. Click Next.
  2. Under the Advanced Options select Add Python to environment variables.

  1. Click Install.

Python 3 is now installed.

Installing Motorcortex-Python

motorcortex-python is the core library required for any motorcortex application. It provides convenient ways to communicate with Motorcortex-based applications.

motorcortex-python can be installed by using the “pip” tool. You have to be connected to the internet to install packaged using pip.

  1. Open a Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key and typing “cmd”.

Note: It may be necessary to use “Run as administrator” if installation commands fail.

  1. In the Command Prompt window type:
python -m pip install motorcortex-python

This will download and install the motorcortex-python package for the current user.

Alternative Installation Instructions

Alternatively the user can use the miniconda package management and environment management system.

Install Miniconda Python3

  1. Download Miniconda Python 3 from the conda website: https://docs.conda.io/en/latest/miniconda.html. Choose the appropriate installer for your system.

  2. Launch the installer and use the defaults on each screen to install.

  1. Click Next.

  1. Click I Agree.

  1. Select for who the instalation is designated and click Next.

  1. Choose your desired Destination Folder and click Next.

  1. Select Register Anaconda as my default Python -- and click Install.

  1. Click Finish to finish the instalation.

Tip: It is very convienient to use the miniconda cheatsheet when using miniconda https://docs.conda.io/projects/conda/en/latest/user-guide/cheatsheet.html.

Create environment

Open an Anaconda Prompt by pressing the windows key, type anaconda in the search field and select appropriate.

  1. In the Anaconda Prompt window, to create the mcx-env environment, type:
conda create -n mcx-env python=3.7

To remove an environment use ”conda env remove -n


Activate environment

  1. Activate the environment:
conda activate mcx-env

Note: To access this environment a next time open an Anaconda Prompt window and type conda activate mcx-env. To deactivate an environment type conda deactivate.

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