Motorcortex APIs

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Motorcortex provides a number of libraries with different features:

  • mcx-core;
    the mcx-core library is required as a minimum for a Motorcortex application, it provides a convenient abstraction for Hard-Realtime applications, EtherCAT and secure Communication Middleware.

  • mcx-math;
    mcx-math provides common math objects suitable for use in realtime applications, like a matrix class, rotation, 6DOF pose and helper functions to convert between reference frames

  • mcx-control;
    mcx-control provides object for control systems, such as filters, limiters, switches, PID controller, faders, signal generators

  • mcx-mechanics;
    the mcx-mechanics library provides mechanical function blocks, like serial and parallel forward and inverse kinematics and dynamics, rigid body simulation

  • mcx-electrics;
    mcx-electrics provides currently simulation blocks to simulate an encoder, an electric motor and a emergency stop relay.

  • mcx-hydraulics;
    mcx-hydraulics provides function blocks for hydraulic systems, like accurate simulation of hydraulic valves and actuators and control blocks like a hydraulic control loop, valve correction

  • mcx-motion;
    mcx-motion provides a path planner and a motion interpreter used for robot control

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