Setup Development Environment

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The main tool of use for building, testing and deploying software is CMake Cmake is widely accepted and supported by many IDEs, which means that the user is free to choose his/her own development environment.

To make things more convenient, there are Motorcortex plugins for CLion ( CLion is an advanced IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with many tools that make programming a Motorcortex application more easy, this IDE is available across platforms and is capable to cross-compile and deploy Motorcortex applications straight to the controller with a click of a button. This guide will show you how to install CLion, Motorcortex plugins from the CLion Marketplace and get started with developing Motorcortex applications.

The Motorcortex development toolchain

There are two options when developing Motorcortex applications:

  • Use remote development and compile the application on the Motorcortex Target System;
  • Cross-compile on your development PC and deploy the executable to the Motorcortex Target System

The first method is easy to set up, it does not require additional dependencies however the downside is that a compile time for the large projects may be significant. The second method overcomes this problem, but requires a cross-compilation tool-chain to be set up.

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