Install Development Environment

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Installing your development environment for creating control applications is different for every PC. Please select the operating system you are u using:

Linux Windows MacOS

Install Build Tools

Before Installing Clion it is important to install build-essential tools

   sudo apt-get install build-essential

Installing CLion For Linux

Installing CLion has be done by downloading Clion directly from the Jetbrains website Download CLion from:

How to Install CLion is explained in their documentation:

To use Clion you will have to create a Jetbrains account and start with a free trail.

Installing Motorcortex Templates Plugin (for clion)

After installing Clion the first step is to install a the Motorcortex Templates plugin. This plugin will provide you the option to create a new Motorcortex project.

  1. In the Main Menu on the top left corner open: File → Settings, then find the Plugins menu.

  2. In the plugins menu search for Motorcortex.

  1. Install the Motorcortex Templates plugin and Restart IDE.

After installing the Motorcortex templates and restarting the Clion, you can create new Motorcortex projects in the main menu.

  1. In the main menu open: File → New Project, in the pop-up under C++ choose C++ Motorcortex select the location where you want to save your project and press the Create.

  1. Congratulations now you can start developing your Motorcotex application.
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