Setup Remote Development

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Set-up Remote Development (In CLion)

The most simple way to develope control applications is to use remote development. With remote development you compile the application and put it on your controller.

Check Connection

Connect your controller to your PC and make sure you have a connection. If you don’t know to connect to a Motorcortex controller make sure to check out Connect your PC.

  1. Before we start we have to make sure our connection works. open the Terminal located on the bottom of your IDE or press Alt+F12.

  1. In the terminal ping to your controller with the following command.
   ping -c 3
  1. The terminal should look something similar to this.

If you are unable to ping your controller make sure to check out Connection troubleshooting before you continue. If you have a connection with your controller it is time to setup your toolchain.

  1. In the Main Menu open File → Settings under Build, Execution, Deployment you will find the Toolchains menu.

  2. Add a new toolchain by pressing the + button and select Remote Host.

  1. In the Credentials press the ⚙️ button to enter the SSH configuration menu. Add a new configuration by pressing the + button and fill in the following data:
  • Host:
  • Port:22
  • User name: admin
  • Password: vectioneer

  1. Press the Test Connection button to make sure your connection is ok. If not re-check your controller connection.

  2. If the connection is good you can press OK to close the SSH Configurations menu.

  3. Wait for Make and the C/C++ Compiler to be detected then press the Apply button to save the Toolchain settings.

  4. Go CMake in the Settings menu and press the + button.

  1. Set the Build type to Debug and Toolchain to Remote Host.

  1. Press the OK button to save the CMake settings and close the settings window.

  2. Wait for +/- 20 seconds while a connection is being established, data is transferred and cmake is configured.

  3. Make sure that your controller is not running a Motorcortex application. Open the Terminal in Clion and run the the following command.

   ssh admin@ 'echo vectioneer | sudo -S motorcortex stop'
  1. In Clion set your Run/Debug Configuration to Debug-Remote Host.

  1. Press play to build and run the application.

  1. Congratulations you are now ready to start remote developing your Motorcortex application.
Last modified January 1, 0001