This Page will show you how to Configure your EtherCAT devices.

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After successfully Deploying a application it is time to configure your EtherCAT devices. In this section we will use a example to show how to configure your EtherCAT with the motorcortex Ecat Tool. For this example we have made use of a Beckhoff EP2316-0003 IO module.

With your EtherCAT device connected it is time to configure your Ethercat device(s) using the Motorcortex Ecat tool.

  1. Login to

  2. Under tools press the Ecat button. This will open a new tab with the Motorcortex Ecat tool.

  3. Press fetch to fetch the current EtherCAT configuration file on the Controller.

  4. In the menu on the left Domains and Devices will show up that are pre-configgured. Users of the GCC will need to keep the GCC domain. all other domains have to be deleted.

  5. Next we will add a new domain by clicking the + button.

  6. In this new domain you have to add a new device by pressing the + button.

  7. Within the tool a new window will pop up. Press the Scan Bus button to scan for all Available Ethercat Devices.

  8. The fist 3 devices shown are GCC components. These are already configured so we can uncheck these. If we have checked the devices that we want to add we can push the Add Devices Button.

  9. Click on your device. This will show your device configuration.

  10. Every EtherCAT supplier should supply a ESI.xml file upload the ESI.xml in the Motorcortex Ecat thiss will fill in your PDO’s automatically.

  11. Press the deploy button to deploy your new configuration to your machine.

  12. Go back to your project and under Create Package press the fetch config button.

  13. Fill in the IP of your controller. per default this is

  14. Your configuration will be added to your project. Rename the configuration to keep track for later use.

  15. Congratulations you have configured your EtherCAT devices.

The next step is to Play with our Application. play

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