Configure Your Network

Setting up the connection between your PC and Motorcortex.

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To be able to connect to a Motorcortex Controller, Your computer should be connected to the local network of the Motorcortex Controller. It is important that the user sets a fixed IP address to the Client computer. This chapter will explain how to set a fixed IP address. Before we start please select your operating system:

Linux Windows MacOS

Setting up your connection.

After your PC has booted and you have logged in it’s time to go trough the following steps:

  1. Go to System Settings.
  2. In System Settings go to the Network tab.
  3. Under Wired go to Wired Setings by clicking the cogwheel ⚙️ icon.

  1. In Wired Settings go to the IP4 tab.
  2. Set IPv4 Method to Manual.
  3. Fill in Addresses for the Address: 192.168.2.XYZ, where XYZ is not equal to the controller ip and smaller than 255. (Motorcortex Controller default IP address is
  4. Fill in Addresses for the Netmask:

Test your connection

After configuring your connection it is time to check if your connection is working

  1. Connect your controller with your pc using the Ethernet port (In the virtual machine this is already set-up).

  2. . Check if your connection is established by using the following command in the terminal.

  3. Hit Ctrl C to stop pinging.

The the terminal should look like this. If this is not the case please make sure you check out Connection Troubleshooting section that serves as a step by step guide.

  1. Congratulations you have established a connection!

The next step is to learn how to get remote access and transfer files between your pc and your controller. Remote Access & File Transfer

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