Remote Access & File Transfer

Setting up remote access with Motorcortex and transfer file transfer from your PC.

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In some cases it is needed to have remote access with your Controller. To get remote access to your Controller works different from every OS. Please select the OS that you are using:

Linux Windows MacOS

In this section we wil cover how to login to a Motorcortex Controller from a client using SSH (Secure SHell) to use command line tools of the Motorcortex controller or use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) to transfer files to and from the Motorcortex Linux system.

All of the Motorcortex configuration is stored on the Motorcortex controller in the folder /etc/Motorcortex/.

The files can be accessed from a computer that is connected to network connection of the controller and is configured to be on the same network. The Motorcortex controller has a SSH server installed that makes file transfer (through sftp) or remote login (ssh) possible.

Remote access to the Motorcortex Computer

The Motorcortex Controller has a ssh server installed which makes remote login (ssh) and transfer of files possible (sftp). It is possible to log into the Motorcortex Computer with a terminal. using the following default user accounts.

  1. Logging in to execute commands can be done directly by typing the following command in the terminal:
ssh admin@

ssh [username]@[IP address], where [username] is the username (standard admin) and the [IP address] is the IP address is from the computer(standard

  1. Continue by typing in yes.

  2. Fill in the controller password (the standard password is vectioneer).

Once you are logged-in you will see a command prompt like follows:

mcx-intel:\~\$ _

File transfer

The Motorcortex Controller has a ssh server installed which makes remote login (ssh) and transfer of files possible (sftp). Most Linux distributions come with native support for ssh and sftp, both as command-line or desktop tools.

  1. In the Ubuntu Linux File Manager click on Other Locations
  2. Fill in the url sftp://admin@ under Connect to Server.(admin is the standard user)
  3. Click Connect

  1. Fill in the password to logon (standard password is vectioneer). The remote filesystem of the controller will now be mounted and files can be transferred back and forth.
  2. Congratulations you now know how to get remote access and transfer files to your controller!

The next step is to install a browser certificate for using tools. Install Browser Certificate

SSH Troubleshooting

Having trouble remote accessing to your controller? The following steps will help you solve these issues.

  1. Check if you are receiving the following message in the terminal while connecting trough ssh.

  1. Remove the old key using the following command copied from the error message.
  ssh-keygen -f "/home/user/.ssh/known_hosts" -R ""

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