Install MCX-OS

This Section will show you how to install the MCX-OS Image using the MCX-Imager USB-Stick

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There are a couple of different ways to install a MCX-OS image onto your Controller.

  • For a GCC or Industrial PC you will need to create a MCX-Imager USB-Stick, copy your new MCX-OS Image onto the Stick, boot your Controller from the stick and restore the image to the Controller’s harddrive.
  • For a Rasberry Pi you will need to transfer the appropriate MCX-OS Image to the Pi’s SD Card.
  • To use a Virtual Machine as your Controller, you need to convert the MCX-OS Image to a Virtual Box Image.

Please choose what kind of method you will use to install your Controller:

MCX-Imager USB-Stick SD Card Virtual Machine

To install a MCX-OS Image on your controller you will need to create an MCX-Imager USB-Stick. The MCX-Imager USB-Stick is a bootable USB drive that can be used to create backups and restore images of Motorcortex Systems.

You will need an empty USB Drive of at least 8 Gb. Creating a MCX-Imager USB-Stick is different for every OS. Please select the OS that you are using.

Linux Windows MacOS

Creating a MCX-Imager USB-Stick (For Linux)

Before we start you will need an USB Stick of at least 8Gb and at least 7Gb of free space on your PC.

  1. Users can download the latest MCX-Imager USB-Stick Image from the Shop by pressing the button below:

  2. Extract the .zip file, After extracting you should have a 6Gb .img file.

  3. Insert your empty USB Drive into your PC. Beware that we will erase everything that is already on your USB Stick.

  4. Right-click on the .img file and select Disk Image Writer.

  5. In the following window select the drive you want to write the MCX-Imager image file to and hit the Make Startup Disk button.

    When restoring of the image is complete, the system should automatically mount the ImageData partition of the USB-Stick.

Copying the MCX-OS Image to your MCX-Imager USB-Stick

  1. Copy the MCX-OS Image .img.xz file into the ImageData folder of you USB-Stick.

Booting your Controller from the MCX-Imager USB-Stick

  1. Make sure your Controller is turned off.

  2. Insert the MCX-Imager USB-Stick into your Controller.

  3. Turn the Controller on.

  4. Your Controller should automatically boot from the Motorcortex-Imager USB Drive. If it does not boot automatically from USB check your Controller’s BIOS settings to enable booting from USB.

  5. Log in to the MCX-Imager terminal

    There are 2 ways to access the terminal of the MCX-Imager:

    • By attaching a Keyboard and a Display to your Controller. The screen should immediatly show you a similar screen like below.

    • Or trough SSH connection on your laptop.

      1. Connect your controller with your pc using the Ethernet port (In the virtual machine this is already set-up).

      2. Make sure the ip address of your network adapter that is connected to the Controller is in the range (do not use

      3. Open a terminal.

      4. Connect to your Controller by typing:

        ssh tc@
      5. log in with password vectioneer.

      6. The terminal should inmediatly show you a similar screen like below.

Installing an MCX-OS image onto your Controller

  1. To start the restore procedure type
sudo mcx-restore -f
  1. Now the prompt will ask you what image you would like to restore. Choose the image that you would like to restore.
  2. Second the prompt will ask you to choose the drive where you want to restore your image to.
  3. Restoring the image will take some time. When the process is done, check for any errors in the console
  1. You will get the message Done when the process is finished.

  1. Remove the MCX-Imager Stick.

  2. Now you can reboot or poweroff.

    sudo reboot
  1. Wait for a couple seconds for the system to restart.
  2. Congratulations you have installed MCX-OS onto your Controller!

The next step is to set-up the connection between your controller and your laptop. Connect Your PC

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