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Bios Settings Fitlet2


This chapter tells the bios settings of the Fitlet2 Motorcortex Controller.

These settings make it easier to back-up the system and use other storage devices to boot from.

Setting Fitlet2 Bios settings

  1. Make sure the controller is switched off.
  2. Attach a keyboard to one of the USB-ports.
  3. Start tapping the delete key.
  4. Switch the controller on.
  5. Stop tapping the delete key when the bios menu appears.
  6. In the Main screen Load Optimized Defaults by pressing the F3 key. Select Yes.

  1. Use the arow keys to navigate trough the BIOS. Go to OS Selection hit enter and select Linux.

  1. Go to the Boot screen using the arow keys and go to Boot Options hit enter and set the correct boot options as below:

    1. Go to Boot Option #1 and select USB Key.
    2. Go to Boot Option #2 and select USB HDD.
    3. Go to Boot Option #3 and select USB CD/DVD.
    4. Go to Boot Option #4 and select SD.
    5. Go to Boot Option #5 and select HDD:....

  1. go to the Save & Exit screen.
  2. Press F4 or go to Save Changes and Exit. Select Yes.

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