Portal Basics

A explanation how to browse trough and use the motorcortex.io portal.

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For The Motorcortex.io Portal you will need a user account. You can request a trail and make a account on motorcortex.io.

After login to motorcortex.io you will enter the main page.

On the left you will find the Main Menu where you have the options to

  • Go to your Projects page. In this page you will find al your projects

  • Go to the Store page. In the store you can find free templates or buy binary packages for your application.

  • Use the Motorcortex Desk tool. If you have a controller connected you can click this button to connect to your controllers Motorcortex Desk. More about Motorcortex Desk you can find in Motorcortex Desk.

  • Use the Motorcortex Grid tool. if you want to make changes to the current Graphical User Interface(GUI) of your controller using Motorcortex Grid. More about Motorcortex Desk you can find in Motorcortex Grid.

  • Get information on how to work with Motorcortex by consulting to the documentation website that you are reading from right now.

  • Consult other Motorcortex Users on the Support Forum.

Projects Page

In the projects page you will find all your projects. You can download and save every project on your own PC.

On the Top of the projects page you can upload projects stored on your pc and create new projects. pressing the Create project button will bring you to the Create Poject screen. Here you can choose a name and version of your project.

Opening a project will show you the `Packages and files that you have in this project. There are 3 kinds of packages needed for a Motorcortex Application:

  • A Grid Package you will find more information about the Grid Package chapter.
  • A Binary Package you will find more information about the Binary Package chapter.
  • A Config package you will find more information about the Config Package chapter.

These packages can be added by Uploading or by clicking create packages in the right menu.

Last modified October 15, 2021: Update Setup developement environment (8d05529)