Project Packages

A explanation how to use and reconfigure project packages.

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Every Project has packages that are used for your Motorcortex application. A project can have multiple packages, a controller/machine can only have one package of every type. This way is it possible to have different versions and configurations of every machine. there are 3 types of packages:

  • Grid packages
  • Binary packages
  • Config packages

In this section will explain what for these packages are used and how to configure them.

Grid Package

A grid package is used for a Graphical User Interface the grid package consists of a couple of files and directories

3D directory

This is where you store the 3d model of your application.

In this directory you will find a .gltf file this is you model. The standard modeling tool used is Blender if you want to learn how to create a 3d model for your Motorcortex application make sure to take a look at 3D Mmodels

There is also a config.json file this file jou can adjust the scene and linking of your 3d model.

Config directory

In the config directory you will find the gui configuration. this mainly consists of indication for the machine errors and states.

In the Errors directory you can find .html files that are the errors shown in the GUI.

Img directory

In the img directory you can store the images that you want to be displayed in your GUI. these can be .svg, png, .jpg.

Safety directory


The gui.grid is the file you generate when making a GUI using Motorcortex Grid.

Binary Package

In the binary packages you keep

Config Package

Control Directory

IO Directory

Mech Directory







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