Installing a License Key

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Motorcortex Libraries require a license key to run in a production environment. You can still run your Motorcortex application without a license key, but the program will exit after 30 minutes.

You can check if you have a valid license if you look at your Motorcortex application log:

2020-06-08 07:18:21.301 [INFO] Configuration:
Motorcortex-core version: 1.6.3-133-g2accb25_release
Motorcortex-control version: 1.0.8-12-g391134e_release
Motorcortex-math version: 1.0.1-5-g5258e76_release
License is valid

In the near future you can request a new license from the portal. Until then the process involves some manual steps:

  1. Generate a hardware key: {path/to/application} -k This will return a License Key: License key: 12345678910
  2. email this key value to
  3. if you have purchase a license for the required components you will receive a license.pem file.
  4. Copy the license.pem file to the controller into the folder /etc/motorcortex/license/
  5. Restart the application and check the log file again.
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