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Normally a Motorcortex application is configured to automatically boot when the machine is powered on. However it may be required for the software to be stopped or restarted in a different mode. This chapter shows how Motorcortex applications can be started, stopped and restarted.

  1. Log into the system from the console (or through ssh):

  1. Login to the system login using the default credentials or the credentials of the system:
  • login: admin
  • password: vectioneer
  1. Now the command line will change to


You can use standard Linux commands to go trough files and perform Software Maintainance.

⚠ If a Virtual Machine is used it is convenient to put Motorcortex into Simulation Mode to prevent errors because there is no hardware connected.

Running of Motorcortex applications is handled through a system daemon. The daemon can be managed by calling

sudo /etc/init.d/motorcortex start|stop|restart|startsim|restartsim

For instance to switch an already running system to simulation mode execute:

sudo /etc/init.d/motorcortex restartsim

To return back to normal operation run:

sudo /etc/init.d/motorcortex restart
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