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Motorcortex is a collection of libraries and tools to build Industry 4.0 Hard-Real-Time Control Systems. Motorcortex has extremely fast, open and secure communication built-in that is also natively supported by web-browsers. Building multi-threaded hard-realtime control applications is very easy, becasue all the hard stuff is taken care off, you just need to focus on your logic and control structure. Motorcortex scales extremely well across CPUs and Systems and is very suitable for modern distributed control systems.

Motorcortex provides Open Source Client Libraries allowing all kinds of Applications built on top of a Control System, such as super-smooth visualization or user interfaces in the browser, data logging and analysis tools in Python or integrate a Motorcortex system with other frameworks like ROS. The modern communication is super fast and super scalable allowing connections to hundreds of clients simultaneously. is the web based Control System Toolbox to Build, Deploy, Control and Analyze your control systems.

Use one of Vectioneer’s standard applications like the MCX-GENERIC-APP, MOTORCORTEX-ROBOT or MOTORCORTEX-SIM to get started quickly, or develop your own Application in C++ using the MOTORCORTEX-Core Library for Linux and one of the Application Templates that are available.

MOTORCORTEX-DESK is a tool to view and edit your control system parameters and it has a super fast data-tracer that allows live viewing of any signal or parameter in your system. Record signal traces and download them for further analysis in other tools like Matlab, Python or spreadsheet programs. This high-resolution System Data can be used to develop Predictive Maintenance Tools or determine your machine’s Overall-Equipment-Efficiency (OEE) in realtime.

Setting up your EtherCAT Devices can be done easily using the MOTORCORTEX-LINK tool.

Then create fast and beautiful user web-interfaces or dashboards using MOTORCORTEX-GRID. You can deploy the web-UIs to your MOTORCORTEX Controller at the click of a button and access the UI straight from the controller. You also can deploy as many UIs as you like, for instance for different user levels. UIs can of course be secured so access is only granted to authorized personnel.

MOTORCORTEX applications have already been deployed in the fields of robotics, industrial automation, machine monitoring, aerospace, entertainment and robotic toys. Have a look at for some examples or look at some videos at

Getting Started

This page will explain you how to get started using Motorcortex, setting up basic configuration and controlling the motor. Tools

Developing Client Applications

Developing Control Applications

Software Maintainance

Motorcortex Hardware

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