A introduction to Motorcortex

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Motorcortex is a collection of libraries and tools to build Industry 4.0 Hard-Real-Time Control Systems. Motorcortex has extremely fast, open and secure communication built-in that is also natively supported by web-browsers. Building multi-threaded hard-realtime control applications is very easy, becasue all the hard stuff is taken care off, you just need to focus on your logic and control structure. Motorcortex scales extremely well across CPUs and Systems and is very suitable for modern distributed control systems.

Motorcortex provides Open Source Client Libraries allowing all kinds of Applications built on top of a Control System, such as super-smooth visualization or user interfaces in the browser, data logging and analysis tools in Python or integrate a Motorcortex system with other frameworks like ROS. The modern communication is super fast and super scalable allowing connections to hundreds of clients simultaneously.

Using Motorcortex you will need a PC/IPC to run the software on. Running Motorcortex is possible on a wide variety of machines. Vectioneer has multiple product to get started quickly using Motorcortex. The following machines are documented on this website, and more product information can be found at

  • For testing and developing new applications the Generic Control Case is the ideal solution to get your application running quickly with safety included.

  • In a existing application the Fitlet2 is A great basic Industrial PC for using Motorcortex.

  • A Virtual machine is ideal to test and develop Motorcortex applications locally on your PC and run Motorcortex in a simulation environment.

On this website you will find the documentation to learn working with Motorcortex. The overview below provides a map of the components described in this documentation.

For new users it is recommendable start using Motorcortex via the Get started this tutorial will show how to connect to a Motorcortex controller and give an example of creating and configuring a simple application using the Generic Control. is a web based Control System Toolbox to Build, Deploy, Control and Analyze your control systems. In Tools you will find all the information and tutorials needed to get started using

Client applications are non-realtime applications but support multiple languages like Python C++ and Java Script. In Developing Client Applications you will find all the information and tutorials needed to get started creating Client application in Motorcortex.

Control applications are realtime application running on the controller generally containing control loops and state machines. In Developing Control Applications you will find all the information and tutorials needed to get started creating Control application in Motorcortex.

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