Default File Locations

A explanation about important file locations for system configuration.

This page describes where on the Motion Controller Motorcortex related (configuration) files can be found. These are default locations, actual location may vary depending on your setup or version. This page shows per default the latest version.

Default File Location:

Application Specific Configuration files

Application Specific Configuration files are located in:


This folder may be a link to a certain application configuration, e.g.:

/etc/motorcortex/config --> /etc/motorcortex/config.myproject

Inside the /etc/motorcortex/config/ folder there are a number of files and folders that hold configuration options:

  • motorcortex.conf; specifies which executable is going to be used and sets some commend line options. This file is used by the init.d script that automatically starts and stops motorcortex applications.
  • config.json; specifies runtime options for the executable. This file sets task priorities and can set various options that are used when the application starts.
  • control/; folder that holds control system parameters
  • io/; folder that holds io configuration

Configuration files can be removed with:

sudo rm /etc/motorcortex/config -rf

Application Packages

Deployed debian packages like mcx-core, mcx-math or mcx-control are stored in:


Application packages can be uninstalled with:

sudo apt remove motorcortex-core

License certificates

The license certificate file location is configured in config.json.

Communication certificates

Communication certificates are automatically generated and stored in:


Log files

Log files are created in:




depending on the system configuration.

GRID Specific files

After you deploy the GRID-files to your controller they are added to: /var/www/motorcortex/grid/:

You can store multiple grid files to your controller, as shown in the tree below:

├── assets
├── list
└── projects
    ├── Motorcortex\ Generic\ App\ -\ ARM
    │   └── mcx-generic-app-ui-2.2.2-1-1649760390
    │       ├── 3d
    │       ├── config
    │       ├── gui.grid
    │       ├── img
    │       ├── manifest.json
    │       └── safety
    └── Motorcortex\ Robot\ App
        └── mcx-robot-app-gui-Syman-1.4.5-1642514128
            ├── ...

When you deploy a project grid package from the portal to the controller it is added under projects, <project name>. Each grid package has a specific name with versioning, as assigned in you project folder. Go to Grid Package for detailed package information.

In case you want to delete a grid package from you controller, follow the steps: How to remove a GUI from my controller.