Top Menu Bar

A explanation of how to work with Motorcortex Grid

The Top Menu Bar

On the top of the application you can find the Top Menu Bar containing a couple of buttons that are used to create a GUI.

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Pressing the library button will show/hide the Widget Library.

Pressing the parameters button will show/hide the Parameter Tree of your Motorcortex Controller. This button will not be available when you are not connected to a Motorcortex Controller.

Check the autosave checkbox to automatically save your GRID changes.

Pressing the undo button will undo your last action.

Pressing the redo button will redo your previous action.

  1. Pressing the Deploy button will add a new deployment window.
  2. Fill in the IP address of your Motorcortex Controller.
  3. Pressing the deploy grid button will start the deploy action.
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When the GUI is deployed, the system also checks of the current GRID release on the controller is up-to-date. If a newer version of GRID is available, you have the option to update the GRID release on the Motorcortex controller.

Now you deployed your GUI and updated GRID to the latest version!

Pressing the preview button will open a new window with the current GUI in preview mode.

Here you can edit your current controller connection.

  1. Pressing the Connection button will show a connection menu where you can set up the connection to your motorcortex controller.
  2. In the Ip address bar you have to fill in your motorcortex controllers local IP. (default
  3. In the request bar you fill in your Request/Reply channel port number by default this value is 5568.
  4. In the Receive bar you fill in your Publish/Subscribe channel port number by default this value is 5567.
  5. In the username bar you fill in your username by default this is root.
  6. In the password bar you fill in your password by default this is vectioneer.
  7. With the secure checkbox you can realize a secure connection.
  8. Pressing the connect button will try to establish a connection with you motorcortex controller.
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Now you established a connection between you GRID and Motorcortex controller!