Top Menu Bar

A explanation of how to work with Motorcortex Grid

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The Top Menu Bar

On the top of the application you can find The Top Menu Bar contains a couple of buttons that are used to create a GUI.

Button Description
Library Shows the Widget Library
Parameters Shows the Parameter Tree of your connected Machine. This button will not be available when you are not connected to a Machine.
Undo Undo your last action
Redo Redo your previous action
Deploy Deploy this GUI to a Machine. See Deploying a GUI
Preview Open the current GUI in Preview mode
Connection Here you can edit your current Machine connection. See Connection Pop-up

Deploying a GUI

If you press the Deploy button in the Top Menu Bar a new window is opened where you can enter the ip address of the Machine you would like to deploy this GUI to. Pressing the Deploy Button will start the deploy action. When the GUI is deployed, the system also checks of the current GRID release on the Machine is up-to-date. If a newer version of GRID is available, you have the option to update the GRID release on the Machine.


Connection Pop-up

In the connection menu you can set up the connection with your Machine.


Bar Description
Host The Machine’s IP address.
Request Port to use for the Request/Reply connection (default 5568)
Subscribe Port ti use for the Subscribe connection (default 5567).
Username The User Name used to log in to the Machine
Password Your Passowrd
Secure Check this checkbox is you want to use secure connection (your browser will need the certificate that matches your Machine (server) certificate to be able to connect)
Last modified March 23, 2021: Restructured GRID (44d0658)