GRID Package

A GRID package contains user interface files and all related resources.

A grid package contains a Graphical User Interface. A GRID Package will be deployed to the controller and made available through a Web-server, so you can access the GUI directly from your browser.

Below is an example of the contents of a GRID Package:

├── gui_operator.grid         # gui for the operator
├── gui_maintenance.grid      # gui for maintenance crew
├── img
│   └── mylogo.svg            # some image
├── 3d
│   ├── 3dfile.glb            # 3d model in a GLTF file
│   └── model.json            # configuration of the 3d model and linking
└── ...

.grid files can be created and edited using Motorcortex-GRID.

Last modified April 8, 2022: updated docs (ad5eed15)