Basics Motorcortex Desk

In this section you will control a Motorcortex application using Motorcortex Desk.

Motorcortex Desk is a visualization tool based on the Parameter Tree. The Parameter Tree is the epicenter of controlling your application. Everything that is happening inside the application is shown and can be controlled in this Parameter Tree. In the following steps you will learn the basics how control your application using Motorcortex Desk.

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Login to Motorcortex Desk

  1. Login to your account. If you don’t have a account yet make sure to to register for an account.

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  2. Enter Motorcortex Desk by clicking Desk in the left menu. This will open the Motorcortex Desk login page.

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  3. Fill in the server address per default this is

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  4. Close the lock🔒 button to select a secure connection.

  5. Click the Connect button, per default a login an password is not needed.

Use Motorcortex Desk

Motorcortex Desk visualizes all parameters of your application and works like a directory system. For the following example we have connected a switch and a light to our IO device to check and manipulate the parameters of this device.

  1. In the left menu you can browse to the Ethercat folder. This folder contains all the parameters of the EtherCAT configuration. With these parameters you can control the configured EtherCAT devices.

  2. In the Ethercat folder you will find parameters and the Domain folders that were configured in Motorcortex Ecat.

  3. In the Domain folder(s) you will find the Device folders that were configured in Motorcortex Ecat.

  4. In the Device folder(s) wil contain the parameters to control your device.

  5. Double click the parameters that you would like to manipulate or plot. these will be shown in the small menu below the tree.

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  6. Left of the parameters is a checkbox, clicking this checkbox will plot the signal. In this example both the Input and Output signals of the EtherCAT device will be shown in the plot.

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  7. By pushing the button you see the input signal is changing from 0 to 1.

  8. Right of the output parameter is a input field this can be used to manipulate the digital output value. By filling in a value of 1 and hitting enter the output value is set to high and the light wil be turned on.

  9. Congratulations you have now managed to control your own Motorcortex application using Motorcortex Desk.

The next step is to create your own Motorcortex Graphical User Interface. Create a GUI

More information about the Motorcortex Desk tool can be found under Motorcortex Desk