Install License Key

How to install a license key.

Motorcortex Libraries require a license.lic ([hardwarekey].lic) file to run in a production environment. This section will explain how to acquire and install license.lic file. You can always run your Motorcortex application without a license key, but the program will exit after 30 minutes.

Motorcortex versions:

Acquire The License File.

For generating a License.lic file the controller Hardware key is needed.

  1. Acquire the hardware key.

  2. Email this hardware key and list of components to

  3. You wil receive a License.lic file trough E-mail.

Add The License File.

  1. Go to login to your account and open your project

  2. Browse to the configuration package.

  3. Place the license.lic file in the configuration package (if you have to upload the file press files under the UPLOAD tab on the right).

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  1. Open the config.json file.

  2. In line #10 change “licence.pem” to the name of your license.lic file.

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  1. Press save and exit the file.

  2. Congratulations the your license has been installed.

Trouble shooting

  1. If your hardware key is correct but the License is invalid.

  2. Check the date and time of the motion controller with the following command.

  3. The generated license key should be older as the current date and time of the motion controller:

  4. Change date and time to the current UTC time.