Install License Key

How to install a license key.

This page is applicable for the latest image version mcx-rtos-v.2022.09. For other mcx-rtos-images checkout: Older versions.

Motorcortex Libraries require a license.lic ([hardwarekey].lic) file to run in a production environment. This section will explain how to acquire and install license.lic file. You can always run your Motorcortex application without a license key, but the program will exit after 30 minutes.

Acquire The License File.

For generating a License.lic file the controller Hardware key is needed.

  1. Acquire the hardware key.

  2. Email this hardware key and list of components to

  3. You wil receive a license.lic file trough E-mail.

Add The License File To The Default File Location.

  1. Go to login to your account and open your project

  2. Browse to the configuration package.

  3. Place the license.lic file in the configuration package (if you have to upload the file press files under the UPLOAD tab on the right).

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  1. Open the config.json file.

  2. In line #10 change “licence.pem” to the name of your license.lic file.

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  1. Press save and exit the file.

  2. Congratulations the your license has been installed.

Add The License File To A Fixed File Location.

The license file can be stored in a fixed location: /etc/motorcortex/ this file directory is not overwritten after deploying a new configuration.

  1. Inside config.json change license path to: "License": "/etc/motorcortex/license.lic".

  2. Deploy license.lic via Deployed Application Procedure, this will store the file in /etc/motorcortex/config/.

  3. Move license.lic to /etc/motorcortex/ with following command:

sudo mv license.lic /etc/motorcortex/ 
  1. Redirect to /etc/motorcortex/ directory. In case you have a license, it is named [hardwarekey].lic, for example 4529503465872302212.lic. create a symbolic link to license.lic:
ln -s 4529503465872302212.lic license.lic
  1. Confirm if the symbolic link is created:
ls -lart

search for:

license.lic -> 4529503465872302212.lic

Now your license is in a fixed location and is not overwritten after deploying a new configuration.

Check If The License File Is Valid

A license file is valid if it matches the controllers Hardware Key and application: List of Components and List Of Features. License check can either be done with to following commands:


Both commands should provide you with the license information: either valid or invalid

License is valid
License is invalid

If your license check turns out invalid: Checkout if your Hardware Key, List Of Components and List Of Features matches your application.

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