Back-up and Restore Slave Configurations

How to make a Backup and restore configurations for EtherCAT slaves.

Synapticon Somanet Drives

Log into the system from the console using a screen or keyboard or through ssh as described in Remote Access & File Transfer.

Determine Slave ID’s

  1. At the command line, first list the connected slave devices:

    ethercat slaves
  2. Use the correct slave id to upload the configuration file from the slave:

    ethercat -p [ID] foe_read config.csv > config-backup-[ID].csv

    Where [ID] is the slave id. The ethercat command outputs the contents of the file on stdout so this is redirected to a file, in this case config-backup-[ID].csv.

Restore Backup

  1. To restore a backup type:

    ethercat -p [ID] foe_write -o config.csv config-backup-[ID].csv
  2. Once the file is copied to the drive the drive needs to be told to reload its configuration from the file:

    ethercat download -p [ID] -t uint32 0x1011 0x1 0x64616f6c

Ingenia Drives

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Beckhoff Drives

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