Simulation/Production Mode

How to set Motorcortex into simulation or production mode.

Sometimes it is desirable to put Motorcortex into Simulation mode; this makes it possible to run an application without having robot/machine hardware available. All Apps taken from the App-Store are out of the box configured to run in Simulation Mode. So before you can use the apps with hardware, you need to change the App configuration to Production Mode.

There are two levels of simulation:

  • Complete App is started in simulation mode (see config.json); all EtherCAT devices will be simulated and all parameter links (see linking.json) where the SystemMode contains “Simulation” or “All” will be used.
  • App is in “Production” (see config.json), but some EtherCAT Domains are in “Simulation” (see Simulating EtherCAT Devices); this way you can simulate some devices while at the same time use some real devices.