Build user interfaces with Motorcortex-GRID


Motorcortex Grid is a web-based application that is used to create a custom User Interface (UI) for your application.

Quick Video - creating a UI in under 2 minutes

Creating a new GRID file

Inside you Project on you first need to create a GRID package. The package contains one or more .grid files and all supporting files that need to be deployed with your UI; for instance images, 3D models or configuration files.

In you project main folder, click on “grid” in the “create package” menu (1). Then choose a name for your user interface (2), a version string (3) and click on “save” (4).

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Then open the just created GRID package by clicking on its name.

Next you create a .grid file. Click on “grid file” in the “create” menu (5). Enter a suitable name for your user interface (6) and press “save” (7). In general you create a user interface (grid-file) for every user role; e.g. one for the operator, one for the maintenance crew, one for the manager.

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Once the .grid file is created, click on it to open it in the GRID editor.

Screen Layout

The Motorcortex-GRID editor screen contains the following main elements:

  • Widget Library: In the Widget Library you can select the components (Widgets) you would like to add to your Screens.
  • Top Menu Bar In the Top Menu Bar bar you can open the library, preview your UI and check your connection.
  • Properties Panel In the Properties Panel you set the properties of your Widgets and Screens.
  • Screens Area A user interface may have multiple screens
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