Developing Client Applications

How to create applications using Motorcortex API’s

Motorcortex is especially created to allow easy and high-performance data exchange/interaction with this real-time control system. This can be done from any operating system/device using a programming language of your choice. Currently ready-made APIs are created for:

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Using these API’s the user can create scripts to control a Motorcortex application. For example the user can create Robot control scripts, Data acquisition/analysis logs tools and Automatic test scripts/reports.

In a Motorcortex application all Modules and variables are organized in a tree structure; the Parameter Tree. The Parameter Tree is used to communicate data between tasks and to the outside world in a thread-safe manner. The Communication Server provided by Motorcortex has two parts:

  1. The first part is a Signaling Server which uses a Request/Reply reliable messaging pattern. A Signaling Server is required for Remote Procedure Calls and for managing the control application, for example updating parameter values. It is also responsible for managing the Publishing Server.
  2. The second part is a Publishing Server or Publisher which uses a Publish/Subscribe best effort delivery messaging pattern. The Publishing Server can organize data into groups and publish them with the requested frequency. The Publisher is used to send Real-time data continuously.