Determine Image Version and Hardware Key

How to determine your Software version and Hardware key

This page is applicable for the latest image version mcx-rtos-v.2024.01. For other mcx-rtos-images checkout: Older versions.

Motorcortex consists out of an application and libraries that each have a version associated with them. Sometimes it is necessary to determine the version of these components in a running system to check if updates are available or if dependencies are met.

Each host system generates its own unique hardware key. The hardware key is required when validating licenses.

Following steps are performed in the terminal after logged in to the controller.

  1. Check Image Version:

    cat /etc/issue

    Information similar to the following will be shown:

    Motorcortex-RTOS 2024.01-0-g8aa3837 \n \l
  2. Check Hardware Key, Application and Library versions via log:


    Scroll up until you find information similar to the following:

    Motorcortex-core version: 2.8.3-0-gb17d29f9_release
    Robot-app version: 1.5.2-0-ge6e70edc_release
    Motorcortex-math version: 2.1.0-2-g7828ea9_release
    Motorcortex-control version: 2.2.0-0-g16974cd_release
    Motorcortex-motion version: 2.5.3-0-g2cc2fc9_release
    Hardware key: 17680423976042648958
    List of components: mcx-core2 mcx-io2 mcx-math2 mcx-motion2 mcx-control2 mcx-robot-app1 
    License is valid.

Older Versions