Diagnostics Tab Explained

The Motorcortex Generic App contains a diagnostics tab in which the system and drive diagnostics can be displayed. In this section you will lean how to use the diagnostics tab.

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Using the Main Controls you can switch the system on (Engage) and off.

Generic Control Case I/O shows the status of internal inputs and outputs of the Generic Control Case (GCC). If you do not have a GCC you can ignore this.

  • Circuit breaker Diagnostics, In normal operation the LEDs are off, if one of the circuit breakers are tripped, the Circuit Breaker Us or/and Circuit Breaker Up LEDs turn RED. A tripped circuit breaker can be reset by means of pressing Reset Circuit Breakers.
  • System Status Diagnostics, the Status Lamp Color describes the state of the system by means of the LED color. Refer to the Generic Control Case Status Lamp for status lamp color explanation.

The Drive Diagnostics presents status and warning information from the connected servo drives. For convenience certain standard bits in the Status word are connected to LED indicators that have the following meaning:

LED Description Status Word (binary)
error System error xxxx xxxx x0xx 1000
wa Warning alert xxxx xxxx 1xxx xxxx
ve Voltage enabled xxxx xxxx xxx1 xxxx
sod Switch on disabled xxxx xxxx x1xx 0000
rtso Ready to switch on xxxx xxxx x01x 0001
qs Quick stop active xxxx xxxx x00x 0111

For more information about enabling the drive via the DS402 state machine, check out the DS402 state machine.

The System Logs provide information about the logs made in the system. System logs are only visible after the application is deployed to the controller. In the system log screen you can press download to save your system log information.

With Drive Service Data Object (SDO), the SDOs are read- ut by means of pressing the Read SDOs button. This will present the data of SDO Error codes with Error Descriptions and the two STO status lights per connected slave. Note that the SDO mappings and meanings are vendor specific so they may not represent the status of your device.

Depending on the connected drive, the error code HEX value differs, the error codes of a Somanet drive can be read out from root/Ethercat/Robot/AxisX/SDOs/Error code. With the error code explanation .json you can link a description to the hex error code.

Error code explanation .json example:

  "0": "NO_ERROR",
  "12592": "PHASE_FAILURE",
  "12593": "PHASE_FAILURE_L1",
  "12594": "PHASE_FAILURE_L2",
  "12595": "PHASE_FAILURE_L3",
  "12816": "DC_LINK_OVER_VOLTAGE",
  "21248": "OPERATING_UNIT",
  "25376": "PARAMETER_ERROR",
  "28961": "MOTOR_BLOCKED",
  "29440": "SENSOR",
  "29952": "COMMUNICATION"