Motorcortex Generic App

Learn how to use the Motorcortex Generic App

The Generic Application User Interface is integrated with basic functions and enables you to move servo axes by means of a few simple clicks. The user interface is subdivided in tabs and these are explained in this chapter.

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  1. In HOME tab is where you can control up to 6 servo axes, either manually by Manual Jog and Signal Generator or automatically by means of the Motion player and Network Input.

  2. In the Axis Settings tab the user can enable/disable the servo axes. it is also possible to configure the axis, reference the encoders and set limiters PVA (Position Velocity Acceleration) limiters for each of the servo axes.

  3. In the Alarms tab alarms can be generated for each of the servo axes parameters. If the servo axis exceeds the specified parameter limit values a warning or an emergency stop can be triggered.

  4. The Diagnostics tab displays some additional details about the hardware connected to the system.

  5. The Safety tab provides status information of the Safety PLC that is part of the Generic Control Case (If you are not using a GCC you can ignore this page).