Date and time

How to change the date and time on your controller.

Setting date and time is important for debugging problems and to correlate data from different sources. Also the time on the controller is used by the security certificates and you may not be able to connect when the date of the controller is wrong.

To set the correct time, log in to your controller via ssh. See Remote Access and file transfer.

Setting the Timezone

First, set the timezone by replacing the link /etc/localtime with a link that points to the desired timezone:

sudo rm -f /etc/localtime 
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Universal /etc/localtime

Replace Universal with your desired region or timezone.

Setting date and time

The date and time can be set by executing the following Linux command (as root):

sudo date -s "Mon Mar 15 18:49:40UTC 2019"
sudo hwclock -w

The last line is important because only then the time is set correctly in the hardware clock and is not lost on reboot.

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