Getting Started

This is where you learn the basics working with Motorcortex.

In section you will learn the basics of how to get started with Motorcortex. You will learn to Install Motorcortex on a controller, Connect your PC to the controller, Deploy a Motorcortex Application, Configure the Application and Play with it

1. Update/Install MCX-OS on your controller

To start off you will install or update your Controller with the latest image. Depending on the type of hardware the update procedure is slightly different. Select the option applicable to your situation:

  • Download
    This section will show you how to download MCX-OS image from
  • Install
    This Section will show you how to install the MCX-OS Image

2. Connect your PC

After installing the Motorcortex Image, you will have to setup the connection between your PC and your Controller. Connecting to Motorcortex is different for every PC Operating system.

3. Deploy a standard Application

After a connection is established between your PC and the Controller it is time to deploy an Application from the Store.

  • Deploy App
    How to deploy packages from to your controller.

4. Configure the Application

Motorcortex is a control system that connect to physical devices. These devices have to be configured and connected to your Application. Use Motorcortex ECAT to add and configure your EtherCAT devices.

  • Configure Ethercat
    An explanation how to configure your EtherCAT devices and connect them to your application.

5. Play

After configuring EtherCAT you can start using Motorcortex to control your system. The configured EtherCAT devices can be used via Motorcortex Desk and a GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be created using Motorcortex Grid.

  • Basics Motorcortex Desk

    In this section you will control a Motorcortex application using Motorcortex Desk.

  • Create a GUI

    In this section we will create a Motorcortex Graphical User Interface