Getting Started

This is where you learn the basics working with Motorcortex.

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In This Getting started you will learn you the basics to get started with Motorcortex. These basics consist of 5 steps to Install, Connect, Deploy, Configure and Play with your Motorcortex application. There are a couple of different ways to get started and using Motorcortex.

1. Install/Update

To start off you will install or update a fresh image to your Controller.

In short, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Download the latest MCX-OS Image from the motorcortex Store
  2. Create a bootable MCX-Imager USB-Stick with the MCX-Imager Tools
  3. Copy the MCX-OS Image onto your MCX-Imager USB-Stick
  4. Boot your controller from the MCX-Imager USB-Stick and restore the MCX-OS Image to your controller.

Depending on the type of hardware the update procedure is slightly different. Currently, there are 4 different Controller options to choose from:

GCC Industrial PC Raspberry PI Virtual Machine
Download MCX-OS Download MCX-OS Download MCX-OS Download MCX-OS
Install using MCX-Imager Install using MCX-Imager Install on Memory Card Convert the image to a Virtual Machine

2. Connect your PC

If a Motorcortex Image is installed you have to setup the connection between your PC and your Controller. connecting to Motorcortex is different for every Operating system on your PC there is a manual for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Configure Your Network (For Linux) Configure Your Network (For Windows) Configure Your Network (For MacOS)
Install a Browser Certificate (For Linux) Install a Browser Certificate (For Windows) Install a Browser Certificate (For MacOS)
Remote Access & File Transfer (For Linux) Remote Access & File Transfer (For Windows) Remote Access & File Transfer (For MacOS)

3. Deploy App

After a connection is established between your PC and your Controller it is time to deploy a application using

Deploy App

4. Configure

Every piece of hardware has to be configured. Here we will use Motorcortex Ecat to configure your devices.

Configure Ethercat

5. Play

After completing the EtherCAT configuration we can start using Motorcortex to control our basic application.

Use Motorcortex Desk
Create A GUI

These 5 steps are everything you need to get started using Motorcortex. If you want to learn how to create your own application you should take a look at Developing Client applications and Developing Control Applications.

More detailed information about the Motorcortex tools can be found in Tools.

Last modified October 15, 2021: Update Setup developement environment (8d05529)