mcx-rtos v.2021-09 Installing a License Key

How to install a license key.

Motorcortex Libraries require a license key to run in a production environment. You can always run your Motorcortex application without a license key, but the program will exit after 30 minutes.

You can check if you have a valid license if you look at your Motorcortex application log with the following command:

head -n 9 /var/log/motorcortex/`ls -Art /var/log/motorcortex/| tail -n 1`

Generating a hardware key involves some manual steps:

  1. Generate a hardware key:

    /usr/local/bin/{application} -k
  2. This will return:

    Hardware key: 8336911672998402376
    List of components: mcx-core2 mcx-io2 mcx-math2 mcx-control2 mcx-generic-app2 
  3. Email this hardware key and list of components to

  4. If you have purchased a license for the required components you will receive a license.pem file.

  5. Copy the license.pem file to the controller into the folder /etc/motorcortex/config/

  6. Restart the application and check the log file again.

Trouble shooting

  1. If your hardware key is correct but the License is invalid

  2. Check the date and time of the motion controller with the following command.

  3. The generated license key should be older as the current date and time of the motion controller:

  4. Change date and time to the current UTC time.