How do I delete deployed GUIs from my controller?

You deployed the wrong GUI and want to delete one/all?

Deployed GUIs are added in the folder /var/www/motorcortex/grid/projects/:

├── Motorcortex\ Generic\ App\ -\ ARM
└── Motorcortex\ Robot\ App

How to remove one or all GUIs is described in the following:

Remove GUIs via SSH

  1. Log in with ssh:
ssh admin@
admin@'s password: vectioneer
  1. You can delete one GIU for example Motorcortex Robot App with:
sudo rm /var/www/motorcortex/grid/projects/Motorcortex\ Robot\ App -rf
password: vectioneer
  1. Or delete all GUIs with:
sudo rm /var/www/motorcortex/grid/projects/* -rf
password: vectioneer