Dmesg Error: EtherCAT ERROR 0-main-X: AL status message 0x0017: Invalid sync manager configuration

How to solve the issue: Invalid sync manager configuration

The following error is listed (in red): EtherCAT ERROR 0-main-3: AL status message 0x0017: Invalid sync manager configuration.

This message provides the following information:

  1. EtherCAT ERROR 0-main-3 is the 3th device in your etherCAT configuration, also specified as alias number. For more information checkout Domains configuration panel.

  2. Invalid sync manager configuration this indicates that there is probably something wrong with your etherCAT device sync manager configuration, check out Device configuration panel, inside the Process Data tab.

  3. The error is probably caused by the esi file not matching the firmware version of the device. You can solve this problem by checking the firmware version of your device, based on this you download a corresponding ESI file.