Robot APP v.1 Production Mode

Version: robot_app1_ecat_production applies to:

  • Motorcortex Robot APP =< 1.7.5-5
  • Motorcortex Generic APP =< 2.2.2-6

The main purpose of using production mode is to test you application on your physical hardware, for this the following tasks are required:

  • Enable production mode in config.json
  • Set production parameters inside linking.json
  • Add ECAT-devices inside ECAT-Tool
  • Link ECAT-device parameters to motorcortex parameters

The next steps will explain you in detail, how to set up your application in production mode:

  1. Inside config.json, set system mode to Production.

  2. In production mode, the linking.json parameters under "systemMode": "Production", and "All", are applied and can be adjusted in the linking.json.

  3. In the Domain Configuration Panel the Simulation switch should be disabled.

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  4. Each domain can contain multiple etherCAT devices. The link simulation should be empty because, the system is in production mode.

  5. EtherCAT devices contain rxPDO and txPDO parameters which should be linked to motorcortex parameters.

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  6. Perform step 5 for all PDO Mappings.

PDOmapping: Description: Link to Motorcortex Parameter:
0x6040 Control Word root/DriveLogic/driveControlWord
0x6060 Mode of Operation root/DriveLogic/driveOpMode
0x607A Target Position root/Control/actuatorControlLoops/actuatorControlLoop0X/motorSetpointOut
0x60B2 Torque Offset root/Control/actuatorControlLoops/actuatorControlLoop0X/motorTorqueOffsetOut
0x6071 Target Torque root/Control/actuatorControlLoops/actuatorControlLoop0X/motorTorqueSetpointOut
0x6041 Status Word root/DriveLogic/driveStatusWord
0x6064 Position Actual Value root/Control/actuatorControlLoops/actuatorControlLoop0X/actualMotorPositionIn
0x6077 Torque Actual Value root/Control/actuatorControlLoops/actuatorControlLoop0X/actualMotorTorqueIn

The X in actuatorControlLoop0X can have a value from 1 till 6 (actuatorControlLoop01 till actuatorControlLoop06) respectively for axis 1 till 6. For parameters in an array like root/DriveLogic/driveControlWord you need to define the index, starting at 0 till 5, respectively for axis 1 till 6.

After linking the PDO entries you are able to run the application in production mode.