Raspberry Compute Module Install

This Section will show you how to install a Image on a Raspberry Pi Compute Module.

this procedure was tested on a SEEED Studion mini router that uses a Raspberry-Pi4 Compute Module. These are the steps to follow to get the MCX-RTOS image onto the internal storage of a RPi:

  1. Put the RPi into USB Boot mode by setting the appropriate jumper on the RPi main board.

  2. Connect the RPi4 to your computer with a USB cable so it is powered and you have USB access at the same time.

  3. Download and compile the usbboot utility here: (https://github.com/raspberrypi/usbboot)[https://github.com/raspberrypi/usbboot].

  4. Run the command sudo ./rpiboot to make the internal storage of the RPi visible.

  5. Use the Disk Image writer in Ubuntu Linux or the Raspberry Pi Imager utility to write the MCX-RTOS image to the RPi.

  6. Unplug the RPi from the USB (power it off).

  7. Remove the jumper.

  8. Boot the RPi normally.